I.S. 190 Urban Practicum (8 units)




This 8-unit course is centered on participation in an internship related to the professional and vocational interests of each student. Internship opportunities exist for students of all majors. The amount of major credit received is determined by departmental guidelines and the type of internship selected. Components of the course include attendance at all placement orientation workshops during the first week of the semester (for Fall/Spring only); interviewing with at least three agencies/organizations prior to selecting an internship site; development of a detailed learning contract in consultation with one's site supervisor; and engagement with regular reading and writing assignments aimed at the reflective integration of theory and praxis.

The internship is accompanied by a required weekly seminar.The purpose of this required seminar is to enable students to critically engage and reflect on their daily internship experiences in renewed faith-based ways. The course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of personal-vocational identity. Through guest speaker presentations and shared dialogue on common workplace dynamics, this course seeks to help students discover what it means to live faithfully amidst a range of complex and diverse settings while integrating a Christ-centered perspective


Other fun facts:

The Urban Practicum is 8 units.

FOR FALL/SPRING STUDENTS: Students participate in a 24 hour a week internship which usually takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

FOR SUMMER PROGRAM STUDENTS: Students participate in a 36 hour a week internship which usually takes place Monday-Friday with one afternoon set aside for the Urban Practicum Seminar at the Clunie House.

The Urban Practicum seminar meets once a week (for both Fall/Spring and Summer)

The Urban Practicum meets the G.E. option “Serving Society; Enacting Justice” under " Compassionate Action.”