Administration Newsletter


Dear Faculty and Staff,

My staff and I are grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and to serve with you, at Westmont. We trust this newsletter will give you some helpful updates on our work.   

Please let me (or my assistant Grace Spadoro) know if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks.


Vice President Chris Call


Refreshing the College Store.  Thanks to some Capital Improvement Project funding, the College Store is being “refreshed”! The project, which was scheduled to be completed by mid-August, was delayed due to the discovery of some structural issues in the College Store ceiling.  Assistant Director Joanne Gish and her staff thank you for your patience as they transitioned from their temporary home Clark T to the refreshed College Store just prior to Homecoming.

Good-bye Textbook and Storage Containers!   Reprographics will be moving to the ground floor of Voskuyl Library.  As a result, textbook storage and textbook fulfillment will be moved to the vacated space.  This “win-win” moves textbook fulfillment adjacent to the Post Office, where students pick up the textbooks they’ve ordered online; and makes it possible (finally!) to get rid of the textbook and clothing containers outside the College Store.

    College Store


    College Store


Special Training for Complaint RecipientsSupervisors, department chairs and other “complaint recipients” are flocking once again to training sessions offered by College Counsel Toya Cooper on Westmont’s Policy on Unlawful Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment, and Sexual Assault! Two hours of interactive training are required by the State of California for all new supervisors within 90 days of their appointment and for all supervisors every two years.  Toya’s training certainly is interactive, and many say it’s even fun (or at least as fun as possible given the subject matter!).

What Legal Obligations Apply to the College and to Me?  Do you ever wonder which laws and regulations govern higher education, and which court cases impact us as a Christian college?  Then check out the College Counsel website.


Safe and Sane” Contracts.  Did you know that contractual issues account for the most paid-out insurance claims in higher education?  And did you know that Westmont’s liability insurance company says that contracts gone awry are the single most common preventable loss at colleges and universities nationwide?  That’s why Westmont’s contract review process is so important!  So if you ever have a role in contracting for goods, services, or the use of facilities, please be sure to follow the college’s Contract Review Protocol and contact Associate Director Bill Groeneveld at the earliest possible stage in considering a contract.

Ritchie’s Place in the GLC.  Westmont has contracted with Sodexo to operate the new “coffee shop” in the Global Leadership Center.  The menu and hours of operation for Ritchie’s Place is accessible online via the Auxiliary Services website. 


Shaking and Shaken? After a quake that you can immediately tell is major, the new gathering place is Thorrington Field (at the track). We've moved the whole operation over there for a number of advantages afforded by that space. For instance, we can fit all the tents on Carr Field (baseball) and have Thorrington, with its amphitheater, for feeding and other community activity.

ReadyDay 2017.  Thanks to nearly a hundred of you who participated in ReadyDay onMay 16(plus 17 from outside entities)! This year’s focus was on “Honing our Skills as Liberal Arts Responders,” and addressed both earthquake response skills and armed intruder readiness. We were pleased that 98% of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the exercise was well run—the highest scores ever on our routine ReadyDay survey.

BackOnTrack.  Westmont’s continuity planning tool is called BackOnTrack. It's designed to help us quickly resume our educational mission after a major disruption. To date, continuity plans have been developed for all units in the Administration division, for five of the eight Student Life units, and for five of the 11 Finance division units. Continuity planning in the Provost’s division is underway, with the laboratories among the first to be scheduled.

ReadyTracker.  Have you sometimes wondered, "Where's Troy?" Assistant VP for Institutional Resilience Troy Harris developed a number of “ReadyTracker” web-based emergency management tools that are being used by colleges and universities across the United States? Current customers include Baylor University, MIT, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Troy also provides consulting services to these and other customers. His goal is to generate new net revenue for Westmont, as well as share his expertise with higher education institutions. We've been able to offer lessons from our Tea Fire experience (see our video). John Draper '71 and Ellie Milne (who attended Westmont in 2009-2010) are keeping all the balls in the air while Troy's work is mostly off campus.


New Three Year Map.  Thanks to all of you who participated in developing the new strategic map for 2017-2020.  The Strategic Planning Committee is grateful for all the input it received before developing a draft map and then during the process of vetting the draft map.

This Year’s Tracks of Work.  The strategic planning website lists the tracks of work for 2017-2018, and provides a wealth of other information about strategic planning at Westmont.


Joan Wimberly Retires Soon.  Director of Public Events Joan Wimberly will be retiring at the end of October.  Please join us at a reception honoring Joan on Tuesday, October 31, from 3:15 – 4:00pm on Magnolia Lawn!  Did you know that Joan began her work at Westmont as a Resident Director (along with her husband, Ed)?  She then spent 10 years as a Career Counselor prior to becoming Director of Public Events in 2001.  Thank you, Joan, for helping to plan and implement highly visible public events such as Commencement and President’s Breakfast that reflect well on the college!



New Series.  This past year, VP Chris Call worked with the Martin Institute/Dallas Willard staff on a series of Streams of Living Water meditations, which tied in with the Chapel theme for 2016-2017.  A new series on Celebration of Discipline meditations will be released soon.  All of the series of video meditations are accessible via the Daily Meditations link on the Westmont homepage.