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Educational Plan and Assessment

A key element of the Student Life Division's mission statement is to "design, facilitate, and inspire beyond-the-class learning experiences and environments." One way the division seeks to fulfill this mandate is to provide educational initiatives targeted toward four major learning outcomes. In addition to departmental and inter-departmental annual goals, the Student Life Division as a whole employs a 4-year cycle to address the four major learning outcomes:

Institutional Learning Outcomes

1. Diversity and Global Engagement (2016-2017)

2. Christian Understanding, Practices and Affections (2017-2018)

Divisional Learning Outcomes

3. Physical and Emotional Health (2018-2019)
4. Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (2019-2020)

White papers written by teams of student life staff serve as a starting point for the outcome that is being addressed in a particular year.

Annual Planning Process

This document provides an overview of the annual planning undertaken by the Student Life Division:

Annual Education Planning Cycle

Annual Assessment Reports

The Student Life Division submits an annual assessment report to the Program Review Committee of the college.  These reports and the responses from the Program Review Committee are provided below.

'10-11 Report '13-14 Report  
'10-11 PRC Response '13-14 PRC Response  
'11-12 Report '14-15 Report  
'11-12 PRC Reponse '14-15 PRC Response  
'12-13 Report 6-Year (2010-2016) Program Review  
'12-13 PRC Response 6-Year (2010-2016) PRC Response  

External Reviews

In 1996 the Student Life Division initiated a commitment to external reviews.  An external review is a process where two colleagues from other respected programs from campuses across the country are invited to join a Westmont student life member and faculty member to conduct a 2-day review of an individual department.  The feedback from these reviews has helped us improve our effectiveness in meeting learning outcomes, improve services, and identify resource priorities.

The external reviews are provided as links below for the following departments and years.

Campus Life Office
Residence Life
Counseling Center
Career Development & Calling
Health Services
Intercultural Programs
Campus Pastor's Office