D   E   E   P   E   R

c o n n e c t i o n s

David Hall, a 29-year-old junior from San Luis Obispo, joined the Grizzly Youth Academy, a military-style charter school, when he feared he wouldn’t graduate from high school. Despite completing the six-month boot camp, he returned to his old habits of alcohol and drug abuse, eventually getting kicked out of his father’s house.

“I was homeless,” he says. “I realized I needed to do something with my life.”

David enlisted in the Marine Corps, operated motor vehicles, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He survived a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2009, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and hopelessness when he returned home.

He studied at Santa Barbara City College for more than four years under the GI Bill. “I was going to school and partying and was lost and confused,” he says.

A stranger in a local coffee shop brought David to faith. While attending church, he continued to hear about Westmont, and he decided to visit to consider transferring. “It was such an incredible moment,” David says. “God opened a door for me and has me here for a purpose.”

After graduating from Westmont, he hopes to pursue a doctorate in psychology. “I struggled my whole life to find meaning and happiness,” he says. “Now that the struggle has ended, I feel like God has equipped me to help others find value and purpose.”

Morgan Vigil Bethany Le '19
Music speaks to her soul

Ana Bulger Ana Bulger '19
Chemistry is cool

Zach Walker Zach Walker '19
Surfing, education and passion collide

Andy Hernandez Andy Hernandez '20
Pursuing her passion

Leandra Marshall Leandra Marshall '17
Finding her place

Josh Edmonson Josh Edmonson '17
Seeing God in research

Rebekah Wong
Rebekah Wong '18
Inspired by community

Abby Gritter Abby Gritter '17
Pursuing social entrepreneurship

Lalia Mangione Lalia Mangione '17
Prepared to serve in many different spheres

Matt Matlock
Matt Matlock '17
The team is like a family

Becky Collier Becky Collier '17
NAIA champion heptathlete

John Wong John Wong '18
Making people feel welcome

We come to Westmont from every walk of life. Each of us unique. All of us eager to learn from the others. And even though we’re a diverse community of artists, activists, athletes, musicians, scholars, gamers, and dreamers, we’re connected by a common thread: our deep love for Jesus Christ. You’ll feel His presence in every club you join, game you play, and country you visit. And it’s here, among this culture of Christian values and infinite possibilities, that you’ll discover your passion (or two, or three).

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