John Unzueta


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Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

College Attended: Westmont College, ‘16

Degree: B.A. in Economics and Business

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: My favorite aspect of Westmont is that its culture perpetuates learning beyond the formal classroom. The most difficult, yet formative, conversations I have had took place late into the night with some of my most trusted and beloved friends. In that, not only was I challenged intellectually by my professors, but I was encouraged by other students to take ownership of my beliefs and defend them passionately; only then, can they truly be called my beliefs.

Favorite Westmont memory: My favorite memory of Westmont was actually my time abroad in Madagascar. There, with three other Westmont students and a professor, I truly experienced the presence of God in a way different than my american lifestyle provided. I learned what the "omnipotent" nature of God really meant. Westmont provided me with the tools, and an opportunity, to learn in culture that was antagonistic to a Christian lifestyle.

Favorite place on campus: My favorite space on campus is Lovik field right at sunrise. The expansive field allows you to feels small, but the sunrise allows you to feel significant.
Why do you work at Westmont? I work for Westmont and its students because I consider them, in one fashion or another, to be family. Westmont, and its staff, invested in me in ways that no other institution has done before. I work here because I hope to present such an investment into other peoples lives.
Hobbies: I enjoy many different things, however of those, fishing would be where I find the most satisfaction and joy in life.