Kurt Walker


Kurt Walker

Phone: 805.565.7230

Fax: 805.565.6234

E-mail: kuwalker@westmont.edu

Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/wckurtwalker

Hometown: Denver, CO

College Attended: Westmont College, ‘11

Degree: B.A. in Political Science

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: To steal a line from my mother: "Westmont is a place where you are taught how to think, not what to think." I was able to take full charge of every bit of my education. Before coming to Westmont, I could not have cared less about the UN, didn't know anything written by Jean Jacques Rousseau, and couldn't tell you what Istanbul feels like; now I can't imagine life without those things. The depth and richness of my education was only complemented by the incredible spiritual growth Westmont - from professors, to peers, to student life - guided me through.

Favorite Place on Campus: Magnolia Lawn. A small grove of magnolia trees sits perfectly between the Formal Gardens and Voskuyl Library. Sitting under one of the trees on a cool spring morning, surrounded by the white and purple blooms, looking out at a surreal view of the ocean and Channel Islands is, for my money, the best way to spend a slow morning.

My Hobbies: God's beauty stopping me in my tracks. Landing in a new city. Lyrics by Gary Lightbody. Not-so-close-Seconds: Marcus Mumford, Matthew Theissen, Ben Gibbard, John Mayer, and John Foreman. Sipping a coffee while listening. Making puns. The night. Seeing God in a situation. Rhythmic techno beats. Hashing out politics. History; especially Russian history. Seeing God in a person. Knowing enough of a foreign language to understand someone else. Conversations that go much longer into the night than they should. Discovering foreign culture. People who frequent coffeeshops. Reading. Knowing what is happening on the other side of an ocean. The movie theater. Live music. Watching hockey. Mulling over philosophy. Talking to God while walking by myself; usually out loud. Driving fast on mountain roads. Rain. Swimming in the ocean. Being in the Colorado mountains during a snowfall. Turbulence on an airplane.