August 2014

Dear Alumni, 
Warm greetings to you all! I hope the summer has brought a change of pace, time to enjoy family and friends and perhaps a change of scenery as well. I’m always amazed at how a few days away from the regular routine of life can bring renewed energy, vision and appreciation for our daily lives.

Teri BradfordWe’re preparing for the arrival of more than 400 new students, who descend on us August 28. As an alumna, I’m particularly excited that my daughter will be an incoming first-year student, joining the ranks of thousands of great Westmont Warriors like you. I couldn’t be more thrilled, and she will certainly give me another lens through which to see Westmont.

Enjoy the summer newsletter! I hope it will give you a bird’s-eye view into the accomplishments of your fellow alumni and the activities of the past few months.


Teri Bradford Rouse
Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

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Fun summer activities!

BbqThe Young Alumni hosted a BBQ with President Beebe, 45 alumni, faculty and staff on August 16 at a local park. It was great fun to be together in a relaxed setting, enjoy one another ‘s company and share a delicious meal together.

Plans are under way to attend major league baseball games in LA and San Francisco. Professor Ken Kihlstrom will join us for a few of these games to give his informative and entertaining talk, "The Physics of Baseball."

AAA: Alumni Authors Abound

We’re excited about our many creative and talented alumni who have recently authored books. You’re becoming quite prolific! The list below includes only a few who’ve published. I know many more alumni have produced books, so please let me know about your accomplishments, and I will include them in future newsletters.

Jamie McEwen Lisea ‘88

Jamie LiseaLisea bookRich Thirsty Hungry: And the Freedom That Finds Us There, Published through CreateSpace 

Rich Thirsty Hungry shares one story Jesus told and two encounters Jesus had with people, but they are written in the setting of our world today. Each story is filled with interesting characters who face current obstacles in seeing and understanding Jesus clearly, bringing the meaningful exchanges between Jesus and others into a surprising and relevant light. ... As you engage with the stories, you’ll find that his words of love and freedom are as powerful today as they were at the beginning of the first century.

From the reader: In Jamie Lisea’s re-imagining, the old stories become fresh and new. She has an uncanny gift for getting inside the heart of the rich young ruler, the woman at the well, and the prodigal son. As we follow her retelling of their encounters with Jesus in terms of our present time, we suddenly find that we are in the presence of Jesus, just as they were.
- Dr. G. Walter Hansen, Author of Abraham in Galatians, Galatians (IVP New Testament Commentary Series), and The Letter to the Philippians (Pillar New Testament Commentary), Westmont Trustee

Ginger (Adcock) Hendrix ‘89

Ginger HendrixHendrix book Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don’t Wait., American Rookie Books 

Time to Make was the inspirational pep talk I needed to stop thinking about all the things I wanted to make, and start making. This book feels like you’re sitting down for coffee with a good friend who knows you. When I wasn’t laughing, I was nodding, thinking, “Does she live in my head?”

...Time to Make gives us the pep talk we need to just get started. If I wasn’t laughing out loud, I was singing ‘amen sister!’ I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with getting started making something and who needs a reminder of what ‘making’ really means.” Emily Waechtler, Designe

About Ginger: Ginger Adcock Hendrix lives and writes and makes things in Morro Bay, Calif. She once made a couch cover out of old polyester, once wrote and recorded a CD for kids, once learned to cook by hacking at low-fat magazine recipes (and then just doubling the cheese), once sewed at least 30 aprons out of strange straps, salvaged old quilts with new ones, and even tried to make a lamp out of an old coffee port. She has been known to teach writing and sewing. She writes the blog “Wienerdog Tricks” at gingerhendrix.com.

Jeanette Chaffee ‘72

Jeanette Chaffeechaffee book Extravagant Graces: 23 Inspiring Stories of Facing Impossible Odds, Thomas Nelson Inc. 

Her new book Extravagant Graces: 23 Inspiring Stories of Facing Impossible Odds will soon be released. The theme of all 23 stories is: What is one of the most difficult experiences you’ve ever faced? How did the Lord help you? Journey behind-the-scenes with Elisabeth Elliot, Shirley Dobson, Anne Graham Lotz, among others, in these unpublished stories. ... Jeannette tells her own story, “Terror in the Sky,” when a bomb exploded on a plane at 17,000 feet only 14 feet away from her. Extravagant Graces also contains accounts of how other Westmont alumni have overcome trials.

From the reader: “Jeanette Chaffee is another example that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.” Richard Stearns, president World Vision U.S.

“Extravagant Graces wonderfully inspires us to reflect on how God uses each one of us.” Kathy J. (Saint) Drown, daughter of martyred missionary, Nate Saint

Homecoming, October 17-19!

HomecomingMark you calendar, register to participate and make your reservations to attend Homecoming festivities this year. Don’t miss the Welcome Barbecue starting at 5:15 p.m. on Friday and be the first to greet your friends. Witness the first-ever GOLF CART PARADE, a joint effort between Student Life and our office. Students will cleverly and whimsically decorate and show off their golf carts while alumni and staff will judge the winners. It’s kind of like a Homecoming parade, only more comical! We want you all there to watch, applaud and enjoy. You might even see the executive team wheeling around Kerrwood Circle, the parade route.

It’s your reunion! If your class year ends in a 4 or 9 you celebrate your reunion this year. See the details at www.westmont.edu/homecoming. You will want to be here!

Alumni Travel: No Ordinary Trip

Alumni Tri Travel with Westmont? What could be better? Want to enjoy learning in a relaxed setting with no tests? Would you like to brush up on a foreign language or experience the richness of a different culture? Are you curious about what our students experience when they study overseas with a Westmont program?

Then our Summer 2015 alumni trip to Queretero, Mexico, is just for you! We’ll travel with Mary Docter, professor of Spanish and co-founder of our unique and successful cycle of global learning, which guides students through their cross-cultural experiences. If you majored in Spanish, you might like to reunite with fellow Spanish majors. If you’ve been curious about visiting this beautiful region of Mexico and Mexico City, you might want to start saving your pesos. The amazing itinerary features beautiful cities, unique experiences and, of course, wonderful people. Itinerary and details will follow, but email me at tbradfordrouse@westmont.edu if you’re interested as the trip will be limited to 25 people.

Volunteer Opportunities

seal Alumni often ask how they can get involved with Westmont or alums in their area. We love this question! You can choose from many ways to give back to your alma mater and our alumni, from small one-time efforts to ongoing commitments and involvements. Here are a few ways that would help us a lot:

  • Promote Westmont at your church
  • Meet with the youth pastor and educate him/her about this special place
  • Host an admissions event at your home for local students interested in Westmont
  • Get involved as a chapter leader or volunteer for your region
  • Join Westmont Connect and make yourself available to other alums to for networking
  • Offer to take a student or young alum to lunch
  • Be a mentor
  • Hire Westmont alumni

Please email me if you want to know more about any of these opportunities.

Westmont Cuts Water Usage During Drought

observatory Westmont is responding to the California drought by continuing to conserve water and by making additional cutbacks in consumption. “We’re committed to maintaining a sustainable campus and conserving resources such as water and power while complying with all county ordinances and expectations,” says President Gayle D. Beebe.

...The Montecito Water District (MWD) has declared a water shortage emergency, directing all customers to decrease water usage immediately by 30 percent. Westmont is taking steps to exceed the 30 percent reduction. Last year, the college voluntarily consumed 20 percent or 6,800 hundred cubic feet (HCF) less than its allotment. Conservation efforts will help Westmont nearly double this amount and decrease consumption by 12,000 HCF below the reduced allotment for 2014.

To achieve this goal, Westmont is irrigating only with non-potable water (not from MWD) and has significantly reduced the amount of watering on campus. The Westmont Campus Life and Student Life offices are educating students about the importance of water conservation and have installed new shower timers in each stall and held competitions on conserving water among the residence halls last Spring.

“We’re prepared to continue conserving and to make even more cutbacks should the drought persist,” Beebe says. “We’ll do our part to be a great neighbor.”

Alumni benefits for you!

Liberty Mutual As many of you are aware, we have formed a partnership with Mercer Insurance and Liberty Mutual to offer alumni the opportunity for reduced costs in auto, home and health insurance. The alumni office is working to provide real-time benefits and resources to all of you. After much investing and talking with other colleges that participate in the same program, we decided to do the same. From time to time you may receive either a letter or an email from Mercer or Liberty inviting you to participate. Of course, there is no obligation whatsoever, just a chance that you might save a little money and help our office, as we receive a small payment for alumni programs. If you decide you would rather not receive the mailings, just let me know.

Prayer for Westmont

Pray for:

  • Our incoming class arriving August 28.
  • President Gayle D. Beebe and his executive team as they guide and lead us in the coming year.
  • Our dedicated professors, for energy, strength and enthusiasm as they teach and share their lives with students.
  • For our returning students, that God would meet each of them this year in new and transformative ways.
  • For all the staff, that they would find joy in serving and great satisfaction in playing an important role in the mission of Westmont College.

prayer chapel

If you are not receiving the e-newsletter and would like to, please contact the Alumni Office at alumni@westmont.edu or (805)565-6056.