955 News: March 2017

Dear Westmont Friends,

I love the core values Westmont has held since the days of Ruth Kerr, our founder. We maintain this legacy while keeping our eye on the horizon and adjusting accordingly. We’re committed to our life in God, to scholarly endeavors, to service in our community and the world, and to approaching the deep issues of our day with balance, reason, faith and hope.

When alumni return to Westmont, they may see few changes at first, especially if they wander around upper campus. Stately Kerrwood looks strikingly the same, the sound of trickling water at the iconic fountain on the President’s Patio continues unchanged, and Page and Clark remain filled with bright and eager students. I call this our vintage campus, fragrant with nostalgia.

In a few short strides, however, they’ll discover that lower campus has altered tremendously. The amazing Winter Hall houses some of our science departments, a beautiful, state-of-the-art track and athletic fields support many of our Warrior teams, and the new Global Leadership Center is rising before our eyes.

Internally, Westmont continues to affirm old and new, historic and contemporary, then and now. When you visit campus, you’ll find the Westmont you knew and explore the Westmont of today, which will inspire you.

This edition of 955 offers you a taste of our blend of old and new.

Blessings on you,









Teri Bradford Rouse

Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

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Westmont Yesterday and Today

Diversity at Westmont

intercultural team

When I served as associate dean of students in the 1990s, diversity at Westmont frequently occupied conversations and committee meetings. Today I can report progress in this priority, now embedded as an important part of the life of the college. For example:

  • The college has established a Trustee Diversity and Global Engagement Committee, a campus Diversity Committee, and Cultural Diversity Awards.
  • We’ve expanded Intercultural Programs and off-campus programs
  • We’ve adopted a document, “Diversity Matters at Westmont”
  • Diversity has been a priority in each of the strategic maps for 2008-2011, 2011-2014, and 2014-2017. Since 2011, “Cultivate Diversity and Global Engagement Across the College” appears as a cross-cutting priority on the maps.
  • The board has approved the “Biblical and Theological Foundations of Diversity.”
  • Diversity and global awareness is an institutional learning outcome considered in assessing academic programs.
  • Intercultural Programs, part of the Student Life Office, offers a host of programs to enhance students’ experience while at Westmont.

Today, our student body is 32.8 percent North American ethnic minorities. While we’ve not yet reached our diversity goal, we continue to work toward it.

The Westmont Residential Experience



The student life team has made some exciting and innovative changes to our residence life program that take effect in fall 2017 when the new residence hall, the Global Leadership Center, opens.

Located east of Van Kampen Hall, the facility includes two residential buildings and the Leadership Center. During the school year, 140 juniors and seniors—including Augustinian Scholars, student leaders and those who have studied abroad—will live together and develop relationships with each other. The design will appeal to students ready to be more independent. Each room houses two students, has its own bathroom, and opens to an outside walkway. Residents can prepare their meals in a central kitchen located on every floor if they choose.

Flexible layouts in the Leadership Center will accommodate a variety of activities throughout the year, including lectures, banquets, receptions and conferences. Amenities include a coffee shop (a welcome addition to lower campus), lounges and laundry facilities.

The new building will allow Westmont to better fulfill its mission as a residential college by housing most students on campus. We’ll join leading liberal arts colleges in providing a four-year residential experience for all students. Nearly three-fourths of the top 25 liberal arts colleges nationwide require students to live on campus through their senior year. About 140 seniors will still reside off-campus (70 in the off-campus Ocean View Apartments and about 70 in the community).

Westmont will also create combined first-year and sophomore halls on upper campus. First-year students who now live in Page and Clark will no longer need to adjust to a completely different living experience as sophomores and will have the option of staying with their friends in the community they’ve formed this year. Entering first-year students will become part of an established community and learn about navigating the college years from continuing students. This mentoring can help new students better manage the challenges and difficulties they encounter in college. Students who choose to stay in Page Hall for their sophomore year will be able to live in double rooms rather than triple. As this new program rolls out, the college will continue to inform students about these exciting changes and give them an opportunity to provide feedback.

Westmont at Work

Westmont is redoubling efforts to prepare students for the workplace and launch them for life. As we strengthen programs that help students make the transition from college to career, we’ll create a more vibrant and effective professional alumni network.

Colleges nationwide consider alumni career engagement a growing priority. In our office, we connect students and young alumni through networking opportunities and help our alumni seek and find jobs and professional development opportunities. Westmont Connect 2.0, our newly launched Student Alumni Association, and a strong partnership with the Office of Career Development and Calling reflect our initiatives in this area.

paul The Office of Career Development and Calling (formerly the Office of Career and Life Planning) has undergone significant and exciting changes. The new director, Paul Bradford ’84, MBA, seeks to build a four-year experience that attracts and engages students and becomes an integral part of their time at Westmont. This summer, the office moves to the upper level of Kerr Student Center to bring more visibility and student traffic to the office. “Using online assessment tools, one-on-one career counseling, resume and interview assistance, and internship and employment guidance, students will leave Westmont with the tools needed to have a wider impact in their places of employment and the world around them,” he says. Read more about Paul and the Office of Career Development and Counseling. Yes, Paul and I are related; he’s my brother, which makes our collaboration even stronger.


Westmont Connect 2.0 is going strong, with 1,800 active users. Add to this growing number by signing up today! Within Westmont Connect, you can contact other alumni, find those in your area, share pictures, post and find jobs, tell us how you want to be involved with Westmont, and see what is happening on campus. In April, you can start your own Westmont Connect group based on interest and affinity. We’re working with the political science department and hope these majors will be the first to form a Westmont Connect group.

Thanks to all the Westmont Connect participants who’ve offered to help in some way. A thousand of you say you are willing to open doors in your workplace, 486 will provide an internship to a student, 191 will host something in your home, and 729 will welcome new alumni to your area. You are amazing! This is so typical of the Warrior spirit, and we will be in touch about how to engage in these ways.

As we continue to refine and upgrade the features of Westmont Connect, we hope it will become a valuable resource for you as you seek to get and stay connected with Westmont for personal and professional reasons. Sign up today and join the Warrior conversation and community.

Westmont in Your Neighborhood

Westmont Orchestra Plays in D.C.


The Westmont Orchestra performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., as one of four colleges selected to celebrate President’s Day at the fourth annual 2017 Capital Orchestra Festival. Our students played so beautifully and professionally in this iconic venue. Fifty local alumni and parents attended the concert to hear and support our students then gathered for a fun dinner at a nearby restaurant. Provost Mark Sargent and Reed Sheard, vice president for advancement, joined the group and welcomed everyone. Thanks to Lorinda Dry, assistant director of alumni and parent programs, for hosting the event and providing such warm hospitality to our alumni and parents.

President Beebe Comes to Washington, D.C.


On Saturday, March 25, our alumni in the D.C. area will have another opportunity to gather and hear from President Gayle D. Beebe and Jane Wilson, professor of education. She’ll discuss research that reveals the spiritual and psychological benefits of gratitude, and we’ll learn together how this practice can increase our well-being. Mostly, we’ll gather to enjoy one another, share a delicious lunch at the historic Tabard Inn, hear exciting updates about your alma mater and reconnect with Westmont friends. Find more information and register online.

Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? comes to Denver and Seattle


Richard ’72 and Leona Anderson ’73 Bergstrom have developed a passion and ministry for baby-boomers and their “third calling.” They assist boomers and those near retirement years discover how God might use them in the third phase of their life. They offered well-received third-calling seminars at Homecoming last year and recently in Phoenix.

With a casual and engaging style, the Bergstroms lead an interactive conversation about finding purpose, passion and spiritual significance in a new season of life. In college, you asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” and “Where is God leading me?” Now, in the last third of life, you may ask again.

Alumni in Denver and Seattle have an opportunity to attend a third-calling seminar: April 29 in Denver and on June 3 in Seattle. Feel free to email me (tbradfordrouse@westmont.edu) for more information or check our website. Consider your calling and purpose with like-minded Westmont friends.


Celebrate Westmont’s 80th Birthday

We’ll celebrate this milestone in a big way! Mark your calendars now for October 13-15, 2017, Westmont’s Homecoming and 80th anniversary. While plans are still in the works, we’ll dedicate our new Global Leadership Center that weekend, hold class reunions on Friday evening, October 13, and gather for a huge celebration dinner and gala on Saturday, October 14, at the Fess Parker: A Doubletree by Hilton Resort. While it seems far away, book your hotel now and take advantage of the chance to see friends and honor God’s faithfulness to your alma mater.


Class Reunions October 13, 2017

If your graduation year ends in a 2 or a 7 and you want to help plan your class reunion, send us an email at alumni@westmont.edu. Volunteers email friends, find a cool Santa Barbara location for the reunion, advertise on Facebook, and decide how much of a program to plan. It’s up to you! No leaders means no reunion for your class, so think about it!

Alumnae Co-Author a Book

motherhood bookThe Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff and Everything in Between.

A group of alumnae have written a new book that Zondervan will release on April 4. The Magic of Motherhoodisa curated collection of heartwarming essays about identity, childbirth, adoption,infertility, body image, faith, miscarriage, friendship and more by theauthors of the popular blog,Coffee + Crumbs. Lesley Miller ’04, Anna Quinlan ’04, April Hoss ’05 and Anna Jordan ’07 are four of the 10 writers who collaborated on the book. While some of the women were colleagues during their school years, they say their relationship as friends and writers has grown thanks to blogging and social media. The hardbound book, full of beautiful color photographs, is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Westmont Offerings for High School Students (future Westmont students)


This summer the Gaede Institute offers two exciting pre-college programs for high school students: Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call and Westmont Summer Scholars.

Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call

A true calling draws all of ourselves—our gifts and passions, our intellect, our concerns for the world—into God’s service. But how does this happen? How do we know where we might be called?

Led by professors from Westmont and Fuller Seminary, Trailhead helps students envision a future for themselves that connects to God’s work in the world. During a two-week summer residency at Westmont, students will explore new territory in faith and learning, encounter real-world needs, and discover more about who they are. Then, in a yearlong mentorship with Trailhead faculty and church partners, students apply their experience as they return home and continue to seek God’s call. If you know a rising high school sophomore through senior who’d like to spend two weeks next summer thinking about where God could be leading, learn more about this new program, which runs from June 26-July 8, 2017.

Westmont Summer Scholars

Westmont Summer Scholars offers rising high school seniors and incoming undergraduates a head start on their college experience. Students explore important and interesting subjects in small classes while earning four units of college credit. They grow close to one another in a supportive community and discover the joys and challenges of integrating their Christian faith with top-level scholarship. This year we’re pleased to offer General Psychology, Philosophical Perspectives, and Principles of Art.

Students experience college life as they stay in a residence hall, eat in the dining commons, worship with their peers, and enjoy Westmont’s great recreational facilities—not to mention beautiful Santa Barbara! A team of Westmont staff and students serve as residential and academic mentors and provide support. The 2017 program takes place June 19-July 7.

Retreat at Westmont?



Is your church considering a retreat this summer? Come to Westmont! Alumni-hosted church retreats receive a 20 percent discount on housing and one room (two beds with linen) free. This offer applies to summer 2017 for groups of 40 or more with a two-night minimum. To inquire about available dates, please contact Melinda Moers Harriman '87 at805-565-6045or mharriman@westmont.edu.

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