May Work-A-Day: A Pilot Job Shadowing Program


The offices of Career Development and Calling and Alumni and Parent Relations are launching a pilot job-shadowing program, May Work-A-Day.

We've teamed up to help students gain experience, enhance their job readiness and discover the many facets of work. We also hope to engage alumni willing to bring students into their workplace.

The job-shadowing program will:

• Assist students (and young alumni!) explore different careers
• Offer observation and interaction with an alumni professional at work
• Begin to establish a professional network
• Allow alumni to give back to the next generation of leaders and connect with their alma mater.

The success of this program depends on alumni willing to provide job-shadowing opportunities--and on students who see the value of investing at least eight hours to gain skills and relationships to develop their professional goals.

Our students need you. This program provides valuable connection and learning based on short-term commitments that many people can fulfill. While we request a minimum of eight hours, students and alumni can extend the time and continue the relationship as they choose. We hope to kick-start the process to benefit both parties!

If you're interested in hosting a student for a limited time to shadow you at work, please read more about the program below.

Host Expectations

Timing: Anytime in the month of May

Minimum hours expected: 8

Plan your day well: Be ready for your student and provide the best experience in the time available.

Make introductions: Introduce students to co-workers, explain their jobs and note what the student will do. Meeting your colleagues will expand your student's network.

Mentor your student: Meet with the student daily to get acquainted, share your professional journey, offer insight into your work culture, and coach the student on basic work etiquette (how to meet someone, make introductions, appropriate attire, do’s and don’ts such as cell phone use, personal calls, computer use, showing up on time, etc.)

Take your student to lunch

Provide feedback: Provide a brief evaluation and send a copy to Celia Howen at


Are you in?

Please fill out this information form no later than April 1. Once we receive your completed form and applications from interested students, we'll match you with someone and put you in touch. If we have a match, we will notify you by mid-April. As this is a pilot program, we may not find a match this May, but we hope to see the program grow.