Athletic Fields

The track and field/soccer complex includes a synthetic, all-weather, 400-meter track to replace the existing dirt track. The grass infield will be large enough for a 70-to-71-foot soccer field. Soil will be shaved from Russ Carr Field and placed on the existing track, along with soil from the basements of the new arts center and science building. As a result, the elevation difference between the two fields will be lessened. The track will include 400 fixed bleacher seats and facilities for all field events such as the javelin and hammer throws, pole vault, shot put, discus and jumping events. Also included in the complex is a building near the end of the right-field line of the re-oriented baseball field that will house both restrooms and storage for the pits and hurdles. The new Russ Carr Field will be a baseball-only facility that will measure 300 feet down the left and right field lines, 370 feet in left and right center and 390 feet in dead center field. The ballpark will include new dugouts and seating for fans.