Building Progress, Jan. 6, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Crews remove the old baseball scoreboard and shorten the left field wall to make way for a new campus road
  • Structural engineers will determine what parts of Clark M have to be rebuilt
  • Crews have cleared debris in downstairs Clark M to begin rebuilding
  • The new campus road will cut between the outfield wall and the existing gym complex
  • Cranes lower the poles for a new left field wall 265 feet from home plate and 35 feet high
  • A new Central Plant building, housing campus heating and cooling equipment, is being built below the swimming pool, east of the track
  • Crews work to build the new campus road between the athletic office and the baseball field to make room for Winter Hall
  • Baseball dugouts, destroyed in the Tea Fire, have been rebuilt in their original location for the 2009 season
  • Crews have cleared most of the charred vegetation between Bauder Hall and Clark S
  • The top floor of Clark M has been cleared before crews begin rebuilding the gutted residence hall
  • The Adams Center for Visual Arts will be built above Porter Hall, looking east toward the formal garden
  • Large construction equipment sits on the site where the new track and field/soccer complex will be built
  • Campus Planning Director Randy Jones has overseen Master Plan construction as well as the rebuilding effort following the Tea Fire
  • The new observatory, being built beyond the centerfield fence of the baseball field, will sit above the new track, looking south over the Pacific Ocean
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