Building Progress, Feb. 3, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Heavy equipment clears the way for a new campus road to pass between the baseball field and the Murchison Gym complex
  • A huge dump truck drives along the road near the new southern entrance
  • A temporary bypass road has been created west of Voskuyl Library  so workers can build the Adams Center for Visual Arts
  • Workers begin the necessary shoring work that will allow them to dig deeper and fit the Adams Center into the hillside
  • Workers begin clearing the way for the western corner of the Adams Center below the library
  • The 28,000 square foot Adams Center will house three levels of classrooms, studios and offices with natural ventilation and lighting
  • An asphalt truck begins to work on the road near the new lower entrance to campus
  • Heavy equipment clears the way for the 44,000 square foot, three level Winter Hall for Science and Mathematics
  • A large excavator behind Carr Field removes dirt at the site of the new Winter Hall
  • Crews prepare the foundation for a new central plant below the swimming pool, east of the track
  • The Adams Center will be tucked into the hillside below the large Westmont rock and will bordered on the east by the formal gardens
  • Workers smooth the asphalt along the new campus road below Reynolds Gallery
  • Crews were able to complete the asphalting of the new lower road in one day
  • The new southern entrance will be more convenient and safer
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