Building Progress, March 3, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • An excavator removes earth and sandstone from the Winter Hall site, while workers install shoring
  • Above Whittier Science building, a cement truck, backhoe, bulldozer and drills are used for the mass excavation at the Adams Center site
  • Winter Hall will be a three-level building, requiring mass excavation to fit naturally into the sloping-campus contour
  • An area near Lovik Field is being used as a parking area for the Physical Plant motor pool
  • Workers at Winter Hall make the tiebacks that are used to hold the shoring beams into place
  • An excavator loads up a dump truck at the Winter Hall site below Hubbard Hall
  • The new campus road drops below the Page parking lot, through the old site of the Quonset Huts, and down along the western edge of campus
  • Crews create a wider, environmentally-friendly parking lot adjacent to the Reynolds Art Gallery
  • The three-level Adams Center, extending west of Voskuyl Library, will house a gallery, printmaking and painting studios
  • Crews excavate an area of Adams Center near Whittier Science
  • Randy Jones, director of campus planning, surveys the muddy work at Winter Hall with the Murchison complex and Carr Field in the background
  • Montecito received eight inches of rain in the four months after the Tea fire, creating pools of water near the track
  • Workers carefully measured and poured the cement base of the observatory that will house the powerful Keck Telescope
  • The new observatory, beyond the right-center-field fence of Carr Field, was the first phase-one structure to rise from the ground
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