Building Progress, April 30, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • From the Kerrwood Garden looking west, the Adams Center begins to take shape below Voskuyl Library
  • The interior shear walls and columns of Winter Hall are put into place in anticipation of the first application of shotcrete
  • A huge cement pump truck pours concrete footings at Adams Center
  • An excavator removes rock and soil to bring the lower level of the Adams Center even with the bottom level of Whittier Hall to the south
  • Crews set rebar cages at the east end of the Adams site that will soon become imbedded in concrete
  • Heavy machinery continues to excavate tons of dirt and sandstone at the west end of the Adams Center
  • From the west looking east, Adams Center will be a long, narrow building tucked between Whittier Hall and the library
  • As excavation progresses, crews install shoring and tie-backs at Adams Center
  • Crews grade the tennis court parking lot while creating additional parking along the new lower road
  • Work begins to rebuild Clark F, the home of the family of Resident Director Mark McCormick, which was completely destroyed in the Tea Fire
  • About two dozen female students were relocated from their fire-gutted Clark residence hall to temporary rooms set up in the nearby parking lot
  • Crews use wood to frame the reinforced steel that will be blasted with shotcrete, creating the walls of Winter Hall
  • Workers have begun framing the 14 Las Barrancas faculty homes that were destroyed in the Tea Fire
  • Crews at Carr Field bring down the temporary left-field wall dubbed âScreen Monsterâ to begin a complete renovation of the baseball field
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