Building Progress, May 07, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • An excavator demolishes the dugouts and backstop at Carr Field
  • An excavator clears a trench for the new campus road between Carr Field and Winter Hall
  • Workers make precise measurements at the new observatory
  • Crews install weatherproofing among the rebar along the outside of Winter Hall
  • Concrete is pumped from high above to the rebar footings below at Winter Hall
  • Workers carry steel to create the Adams Center footing
  • Once the rebar cages are in place, concrete is poured over them to create the footing of Adams Center
  • The new Central Plant, built south of the pool, will be able to cool nearly the entire campus
  • The outside walls of the Central Plant will match the outside of Murchison Gym
  • The observatory rises above the track and field, beyond the fence of Carr Field
  • Workers use wood to frame the rebar walls that will eventually be filled with concrete
  • The lower two levels of Winter Hall will contain classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories and research spaces for faculty and students
  • Workers pour concrete into the site dubbed ‘Winter Hole’
  • Crews begin trenching the site of Clark F, which was completely destroyed in the Tea Fire
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