Building Progress, June 4, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Workers have completed the Central Plant structure where nearby temporary trailers house construction staff
  • Crews install the electrical and mechanical systems inside the Central Plant building below the swimming pool
  • Scaffolding is in place for workers to begin applying stucco to the exterior of the new observatory
  • The observation deck on top of the new observatory offers views of Carr Field and the new track
  • An excavator carves a tunnel under the road north of Carr Field for utilities
  • Workers install a retaining wall north of Carr Field while a sifting machine in the center of the field separates stones from soil
  • A truck delivers gravel and rock to the basement of Winter Hall
  • The sides of the Winter Hall basement contain access holes to the tie-back cables, which hold the walls into place
  • A two-story, lecture hall in Winter Hall will hold tiered seating for 100 people
  • Workers frame a pillar near an outdoor ceramics and sculpture work area at Adams Center
  • Great effort has been made to protect the large oak trees where a new road winds past Reynolds Hall
  • Crews have poured a new foundation to Clark F, which housed Mark McCormick and his family
  • Since the foundation and masonry walls of Clark M are sound, crews are using the existing walls to rebuild
  • An excavator has torn up part of the road near the Page Hall lot for underground utilities and a new campus road
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