Building Progress, June 12, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Workers install a new parking area near Reynolds Hall using pervious concrete, which prevents run off
  • The pervious concrete parking lot off of the new lower campus road allows rain to percolate to the water table
  • Workers prepare an area west of the Abbott Tennis Courts that will be converted into a parking lot
  • Heavy machinery sets Carr Field to final grade while workers install a retaining wall along the north end
  • Construction crews install rebar above gravel and weather-proofing material before the basement level is poured
  • Crews have poured the concrete walls and columns for the lower levels of Adams Center
  • Workers have poured the concrete that connects the new lower road to Cold Spring Road
  • The new lower entrance is on a safer, straighter section of Cold Spring Road
  • Heavy machinery smoothes out a section a parking area adjacent to the new lower road near Reynolds Hall
  • A steamroller prepares a new parking area near Physical Plant
  • Workers lay decorative brick at the new lower entrance to campus
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