Building Progress, June 26, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • The new lower entrance to campus is open
  • The new track-and-field facility is nearly to final grade
  • The Central Plant building will one day be beautifully landscaped with creeping fig plants
  • The new campus road takes shape below the Page parking lot to the west of the library
  • Workers have poured the slab of the first level and the walls of the second level of Winter Hall
  • Construction crews prepare the bottom level of Adams Center for concrete
  • Workers work to underground utilities along the new campus road
  • Crews have built a retaining wall along the northern edge of Carr Field
  • The first floor of Winter Hall rises from the ground
  • Crews are working to repair the Clark Halls that where gutted in the Tea Fire
  • Signs lead motorists around construction at Winter Hall
  • Workers smooth asphalt on the new campus road near Reynolds Hall
  • Crews prepare the second level of Winter Hall, while workers smooth the concrete of the basement floor below
  • Workers finish the concrete to the second floor of Winter
  • Crews prepare the utilities for the second floor of Winter Hall
  • From the road above, concrete is pumped into Winter Hall
  • The west wing of Adams Center will house a covered, outdoor work area for ceramics and sculpture students
  • Workers are making extensive progress rebuilding the 14 Las Barrancas faculty homes leveled in the blaze
  • The floor plans remain the same for the Las Barrancas homes which should be rebuilt by the end of the year
  • Clark F, which housed Resident Director Mark McCormick and his family, should be finished in mid-August
  • Workers are replacing the roofs of the Clark Halls as part of the collegeâs capital improvement projects
  • The frame of a passenger elevator takes shape in Adams Center
  • The new observatory will be the first building completed and the Keck telescope moved later this summer
  • A two-story lecture hall in Winter Hall will be able to hold 100 people
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