Building Progress, July 14, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Workers begin constructing a track house near the south east corner of the new track that’ll house both restrooms and storage for the pits and hurdles
  • West of Voskuyl Library, the new campus road winds down to Carr Field
  • Workers at Winter Hall frame the second-floor columns and walls before filling them with concrete
  • A large truck pumps concrete into Winter Hall to form the columns and walls on the second level
  • Crews have laid gravel on the lower level of Adams Center before concrete is poured to form the slab
  • Rebar columns rise upward from Adams Center near the pine trees that line the formal garden
  • Crews are preparing Carr Field for new infield and outfield grass
  • Heavy machinery has moved dirt to raise the level of the new track closer to that of Carr Field
  • Workers at Winter Hall finish the concrete slab between several rebar columns
  • Workers at Winter Hall guide the concrete that’s being pumped into the walls and columns of the second level
  • Crews removed the dome from Carroll Observatory and put the Keck Telescope into storage
  • A large crane transports the dome from the Carroll Observatory to the new observatory
  • Three workers use ropes to guide the dome to its new home
  • Workers inside the new observatory delicately position the dome to its final resting place
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