Building Progress, July 22, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Crews install a stone veneer to the walls of the new lower entrance
  • New parking areas are being created behind the central receiving and maintenance yard
  • A surveyor eyes the new campus road as it cuts in front of the new track house
  • Workers have secured the dome on the new observatory
  • The retaining wall is complete and the Carr Field is at grade
  • The stairs outside the new observatory lead to a roof deck for additional viewing through portable telescopes
  • Crews work to reinforce the inside walls of Winter Hall
  • Workers place concrete masonry blocks on the exterior of Winter Hall
  • Crews have set the rebar reinforcement into the lower level of Adams Center
  • Workers put the sprinklers in place at the baseball diamond on Carr Field
  • Crews prepare the campus road between the observatory and the athletic building
  • The walls of the new track house, which will have restrooms, are in place
  • Scaffolding surrounds Kerrwood Hall while workers wash and paint the exterior
  • New sod has been placed at Page beach, an area west of Page Hall that was destroyed in the Tea Fire
  • Using a crane, workers position an underground utility vault near Murchison Gym
  • Workers will have Clark F, destroyed in the Tea Fire, rebuilt before the start of the fall semester
  • All of the Clark Halls are receiving new roofs during the summer break
  • Crews are creating a new glass enclosure for the patio outside the Dining Commons
  • Workers have dismantled the stone bridge behind Van Kampen for improvements to the creek area
  • The road between the reservoir and Van Kampen has been removed
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