Building Progress, August 10, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Crews finish work on the observatory while workers prepare asphalt for the new campus road
  • For the first time, Westmont will have restroom facilities at the track and soccer complex
  • Crews asphalt the new campus road between the athletic department and new observatory
  • Sparks fly as a welder works on the railing of the observatory deck
  • The observation deck around the telescope has a great view of the new track and soccer field
  • Workers smooth hot asphalt along the new campus road beyond left field of the baseball field
  • Winter Hall features a two-story, 100-seat, tiered lecture hall
  • The top level of Winter Hall will house three office areas around a central atrium
  • Rebar pillars reach up from the second level of Winter Hall
  • The baseball field has been repositioned and shifted slightly to accommodate the new campus road
  • Work continues on the 43,000 square foot Winter Hall
  • Crews finish work on the ground floor of the 27,000 square foot Adams Center
  • Heavy machinery continues to sift and grade the track and field/soccer complex
  • Workers are creating a new outdoor patio and walkway next to the Dining Commons
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