Building Progress, August 19, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Workers prepare the elevated deck on the east side of Adams Center for another concrete pour
  • Crews have created new roads and permeable concrete parking spaces near Physical Plant
  • Workers construct a storage building near the entrance to the track complex
  • The permeable concrete parking spaces near Physical Plant allow rainwater to flow into the aquifer
  • A front end loader prepares the road that will connect the new campus road to the bookstore
  • Workers prepare the second level of the west end of Adams Center
  • Heavy machinery prepares the Las Barrancas access road for parking lots on each side
  • The west side of Winter Hall will house the psychology department
  • Workers have created a beautiful area outside and to the north of the observatory
  • The new campus road runs along the west of Voskuyl Library down to the baseball field
  • Workers have created several new parking areas west of the tennis courts
  • Sandstone recycled from the bridge behind Van Kampen is being used in the landscape near Kerrwood
  • Crews prepare a road that will service the bookstore and the Kerrwood Annexes
  • A stone drainage area along the west of the campus road will protect the riparian area in the barranca
  • Workers prepare the second deck of Winter Hall for a concrete pour
  • Looking down on the elevated second deck of the eastern side of Adams Center
  • Construction crews worked fast to get several buildings of Clark Hall rebuilt before students arrive
  • Workers have improved the lighting and functionality of the rebuilt Clark Halls
  • Crews have planted new sod and are rebuilding the white picket fence around the prayer chapel
  • A worker puts a coat of pain on the outside of the new dining patio area
  • A new building near the track will include restrooms, track equipment storage, and a scorerâs area
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