Building Progress, Octber 01, 2009

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Workers construct the roof level of the east side of Winter Hall
  • Workers finish the roof level of Winter Hall
  • Scaffolding is placed around the track storage building as roofing work begins
  • Crews work to landscape new construction areas and locations scared by the Tea Fire
  • Workers are replacing the stone bridge behind Van Kampen with a new safer bridge
  • A large truck pumps concrete to the roof of Winter Hall
  • The walls on the western side of Adams Center are complete and crews begin shoring the roof level
  • The new campus road drops below Voskuyl Library west of Adams Center
  • Workers install a gate and signage at the new observatory overlooking the baseball field
  • Concrete is pumped into the tiered seating above the new track/soccer complex
  • Workers continue to layout the basement and frame the interior walls of Winter Hall
  • Native sycamore trees will be planted near the road at the new observatory
  • Several new parking areas have been created near the health center
  • Workers clear an area for a new bridge, connecting the new residence hall site to the Dining Commons
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