Building Progress, May 27, 2010

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Adams Center was designed to use as much natural light and ventilation as possible
  • Crews have demolished the road in front of the gym, which will be paved with a narrower road
  • Workers have graded the area north of Winter Hall and South of Whittier for more landscaping
  • Smaller seminar and other rooms specifically designed for a particular discipline lie on the perimeter of Winter Hall
  • The outdoor patio at Winter Hall will become a terrace surrounded by plants
  • Crews have installed state-of-the-art sound, electrical and fire sprinkler systems inside Winter Hall
  • Sunshine pours through the oval hole in the center of the Winter Hall ceiling
  • Winter Hall features a 100-seat, tiered lecture room that can be accessed through doors to the west or east and from two different levels
  • Workers have finished painting the inside of many classroom and labs inside Winter Hall
  • Crews prepare to pour the walkways to the west of Adams Center that leads outside the sculpting area
  • Adams Center features a crafts terrace and outdoor studio that will include plants along the border
  • The walkways leading to the library have been removed as part of the overall campus accessibility plan
  • Workers  grade and install ADA ramps at the library to improve campus accessibility
  • From the edge of the formal garden looking west, the Adams Center has classrooms with views to the south
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