Building Progress, July 26, 2010

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • Separate from Master Plan construction, student technology fees pay for the library renovation
  • Workers have taken out shelves, walls and cubicles inside Voskuyl Library
  • A new accessible ramp and information kiosk will alter the look of the library entrance
  • Crews relocated an olive tree next to the walkway which leads from the library to Adams Center
  • Workers complete the walkway and landscaping around the west end of Adams Center
  • The stone wall leading to the terrace of Adams Center was taken apart and reassembled
  • Student painters will enjoy the landscaped western terrace at Adams
  • An asphalt service road winds past Whittier Science Building to Adams Center
  • From the southern terrace at Adams a new walkway weaves toward the formal garden
  • Adams classrooms facing south have hangar doors, making use of the Santa Barbara climate
  • The largest room in Adams Center, complete with a projection booth, can seat 65 students
  • Winter Hall is structurally stunning, punctuated with an amazing glass ceiling
  • Circular acoustic paneling surrounds Winter’s large spherical window
  • Different colored carpet and paint inside Winter Hall designate the three disciplines
  • The edge of the glass railing creates a prism on the cherry wood bench below
  • Much of the work inside Winter Hall is complete, waiting for the arrival of equipment
  • Workers test the audio system inside the large 100-seat lecture room in Winter Hall
  • Crews have installed 50 desk lamps inside Winter Hall’s largest tiered lecture room
  • Workers have nearly finished installing carpet and ceiling fixtures at Winter Hall
  • Outside Winter Hall, a landscaped patio overlooks Carr Field
  • Looking back toward the mountains, Adams Center fits nicely between Whittier and the library
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