Building Progress, April 22, 2009

All photos by Warren Air Video and Photography, Inc.
  • Workers installed jute netting along many Westmont hillsides, including Page Hall, to control erosion following the Tea Fire
  • The Presidentâs House (with the red tile roof) was surrounded by the Tea Fire, but miraculously escaped with minor damage
  • Below the swimming pool, crews have completed a masonry wall around the new central plant building. Temporary trailers (with reflective roofs) house the offices for the construction team support staff
  • Excavation is completed at Winter Hall and crews prepare to install rebar cages, creating the footings for the three-story structure
  • Huge dump trucks transfer dirt from Adams Center and Winter Hall to the track, which will eventually raise the level of the new track and field/soccer complex five feet
  • Vegetation slowly returns to the area around Page Hall following a devastating fire five months prior
  • In the top left corner, Clark Hall S has been reduced to a cinder-block shell. It will be rebuilt before students return in the fall
  • Concrete has been poured over the rebar cages at the east end of Winter Hall to anchor the 43,000 square foot building
  • Workers have completed the spiraling concrete staircase and upper metal deck of the new observatory
  • Eventually, the new campus road will wind south between Carr Field and Winter Hall
  • The new campus road will drop south from the Page Hall parking lot, west of Voskuyl Library and the new Adams Center
  • Workers use heavy machinery to excavate tons of dirt and sandstone from the Adams Center site below Voskuyl Library
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