Building Progress, June 2, 2009

All photos by Warren Air Video and Photography, Inc.
  • Workers install the rebar footings at the eastern end of Adams Center
  • With the footings in place at Winter Hall, workers begin installing walls and pillars
  • The outside viewing area of the observatory offers views of the new track and baseball field
  • An excavator removes the backstop and dugouts from Carr Field
  • Workers remove the top soil off from Carr Field, while crews install retaining walls near left field and the parking area
  • Green returns to the charred trees around Page Hall as workers prepare the new campus road through the parking lot
  • A new academic corridor will run south from the library through the middle of Adams Center and Porter Hall
  • The central plant building, the cinderblock building below the pool, will pump chilled water through most air conditioning units on campus
  • The baseball diamond at Carr Field is being repositioned while a new synthetic surface goes in below at the track
  • Heavy machinery works to raise the level of the new track closer to that of Carr Field to the north
  • The west end of Adams Center will house ceramics and sculpture studios
  • An excavator removes the dugouts, backstop and bleachers at Carr Field so the diamond can be repositioned
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