Building Updates

April 26, 2016

  • Tree pruning and removal is complete.
  • Installation of fencing surrounding the site will be complete this week. For your safety and insurance liability please do not enter the fenced area at any time.
  • The fenced area includes parking lot 21, which will be used for material storage and construction parking.. The road from the Music Building to the Van Kampen parking lot will be closed to non-construction traffic.
  • Surveyors are on site laying out the building locations.
  • Electricians are bringing temporary power to the construction trailers.
  • Tree protection fencing will be installed this week.
  • The Grading Permit has been issued by the County of Santa Barbara. Grading activities will begin within the next two weeks.
  • We will keep the steel bridge below the Dining Commons open as long as possible for those going to Van Kampen, Armington, Music, Deane Hall and others. The open path runs from the bridge to the path to VK and through the parking lot east of VK. This route should remain open until Spring 2017.