Building Updates

June 24, 2016

  • The installation of underground utilities through the Van Kampen Hall main parking lot is complete.
  • Utility trenching to the building site will continue along the east side of Van Kampen Hall.
  • Construction of the fire lane north of the site, adjacent to the Dallas Willard Center, is in process. The new driveway and loop will be wider to accommodate fire trucks.
  • The Foundation Permit was issued by the Santa Barbara County Building Department on June 24. On June 25, the drilling of the caissons for the north residence building started. Caissons are concrete columns set into the earth, in our case from 24-38 feet in depth, to serve as the structural foundation. This structural system allows us to only dig in limited areas, protecting the root environment of the oak trees on site. We anticipate the drilling for the caissons and the installation of reinforcing bar and concrete will take two to three weeks.
  • Once the caissons are installed the contractor will begin placing gabions, wire cages filled with stone, between the caissons. The gabions will support the fill dirt that will serve as formwork for the bottom of the structural slabs. They will also serve as a barrier to keep critters from going under the buildings.
  • The design team is working with the Santa Barbara County Building Department to obtain the building permits for the structure above the slabs and all other elements of the project.