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How do I add Event Services after my event has been approved on EMS?

After an event has been approved by Campus Scheduling on EMS, event planners will not be able to add, delete, or modify Event Services requests.  If a change in event services is required, email scheduling@westmont.edu or call 805.565.7070.

Do I have to setup an event myself?

Please let us know by adding a note to your reservation that you would like to have the requested items dropped off with no set up.  Otherwise the Event Services student support team will handle the set-up and tear down of the on-campus event.

What happens when the Event Services inventory is not large enough for an event?

If the Event Services inventory of tables, chairs, trash cans and/or umbrellas is not large enough for a single event, or multiple events on a given day, there will be communication between the Event Services Coordinator and the event planners beforehand if a substitution is not suitable, event planners will be given the recommendation to rent services from an outside company.

What is a “special room setup”?

Event rooms around campus have conventional setup types (banquet, theater, lecture, etc.).  If your event will require a “special” setup, a pre-event walkthrough with the Event Services Coordinator will be arranged to ensure that your needs are met.

Can we have more than one setup in a room the same day?

With enough time, the Event Services Team is available to do multiple setups in the same room on any given day, including weekends.

What if I need to make changes to the setup and/or numbers on my request?

Changes in event setup and/or number of Event Services requested should be made at least 24 hours in advance.  All other requests will be taken into consideration, but not guaranteed.

How far in advance should conference dates be reserved?

We often contract out a year in advance, so we recommend planning ahead. This will give you the most time to be creative in setting up your scheduled event or conference. We also continue booking as long as space is available.