Alumni Testimonies

Westmont College instilled in me a genuine love of learning, helped me understand that learning is a lifelong pursuit, equipped me to think critically, and through genuine relationships with faculty and staff, anchored my faith in Christ.
— Ken Rogers, Director, IT Strategy, Architecture and Planning, State Department

The principles that Westmont students learn through the Economics and Business Department provide an excellent starting point for a life of career success and personal fulfillment. Throughout the years since I left Westmont, I have continued to rely upon those principles of hard work in pursuit of excellence, a positive attitude toward those around me, and careful and critical thinking informed by faith.
— Janet Lamkin, California State President, Bank of America

The more time passes the more I appreciate and value my Westmont education. It strengthened my faith and provided an exceptional foundation for me to build my career and to further my education. During my career I have drawn on all the course work and different disciplines required for my business and economics major. The breadth and value of a high quality Christian liberal arts education cannot be overstated in today’s global environment.
—R. Tyler Gibbs, Group Vice President, Finance and Administration, Toyota Racing Development

The value of my educational experience at Westmont has been so significant in my life that it falls beyond the scope of financial measurement. I got everything I expected: intellectual challenge, preparation for a career in business and finance, a wide breadth of educational experiences and stimulating internships. But I also left knowing that all trappings of success will pass away and that the only thing that lasts can’t be found on this side of eternity. This straddling of the temporal and the eternal has made the difference.
— Josh Yager, CEO, Anodos Advisors

My time at Westmont was the most formative experience of my life thus far. I was so impressed by how deeply the faculty invests in students, from a thoughtful resolution to provide academic rigor and encouragement to inviting us over for dinner or praying over us before exams. I experienced a rich community through participation in the Westmont College Conservatives and the spiritual development of leading worship with the Chapel Band. I honed my professional skills during an internship on the San Francisco Urban semester (Westmont in San Francisco). I owe the better part of who I am today to the many people at Westmont who touched my life.
— Tracey Cooper ’09, Wake Forest Graduate School of Business

I came to Westmont four years ago expecting to receive a good education, but I will leave with more than I ever could have imagined. Westmont’s high academic standards and commitment to the development of my faith have challenged and stretched me. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn practical business skills to be a more effective leader as a Christian and a businessman. I spent 10 weeks interning with Nestle in the summer of 2010, one of the top 40 companies in the world. I will return to work for them after I graduate. The most important lesson I’ve learned from my time at Westmont is the need to surrender my life fully to Christ. I now believe I can pursue my wildest dreams because Westmont has given me more than I ever dreamed.
— Zachary Spangler ’11, Economic and Business Major