iGive to the Westmont Fund 2015

iGive 2015 Events

Look for these iGive events happening this year!

October 21 iGIVE YOU COFFEE - Come and enjoy free Castle Coffee and donuts and learn about the importance of giving back to your alma mater!
February 16 TUITION FREEDOM DAY - Tuition dollars only cover your Westmont Education through February 16th, the rest comes from donors! Tuition Freedom Day is a day of thanking those donors who make a Westmont Education possible.

There are two goals for iGive:

1. Junior and Senior Class Participation
2. Support student scholarships

Scholarship Fund

Your gift to iGive 2015 goes to support the student scholarship fund. Traditionally, iGive has been purely a senior campaign. This year, however, we are pleased to welcome Juniors to the iGive campaign. Our goal is to develop a culture of student philanthropy throughout the Westmont student body. Not only does this give you an opportunity to give, but you get to impact a fellow student that may not have been able to return to Westmont!

You have until commencement to support the iGive fund, so Donate Now!


Your iGive Co-Chairs have formed a committee of Juniors and Seniors which have challenged the classes of '15 and '16 to reach 75% class participation. They have also challenged their class to make a gift of this fiscal year: $20.15. This is the suggested pledge, but gifts of all sizes count toward participation.

The goal is people! Participation is key. Recent classes have raised 60-70 percent of their class! The class of 2009 broke the all-time record with 76 percent participation!

Strength in numbers. Most graduating seniors face varying degrees of debt, so it’s helpful to learn early how alumni can contribute to Westmont’s ongoing ministry, as well as make a practical investment in your degree, without the burden of large contributions. U.S. News & World Report looks at the level and rate of participation from alumni when determining national rankings. Although you might not be able to give at a high level, you can have a significant impact on Westmont's fiscal well-being. And the higher Westmont is ranked the more valuable your degree becomes.

Tribute Gifts: Honor Someone Special at Graduation

Honor someone who made an impact on your college career, such as parents, coaches, professors, pastors, or friends.

For a pledge of $20.15, your name will be listed alongside the names of those you are honoring in a tribute booklet at the graduation ceremony. A card will also be mailed to the honoree. (Each person honored requires a $20.15 pledge, except for parents/grandparents, who count as one.)

The deadline to submit your tribute is April 11, 2015. Click Here to see last year's Tribute Card.

Make a Tribute Gift using the Online Donation Form.

Donate Now


Message from the President

President Gayle BeebeYour investment in Westmont helps us accomplish our distinctive mission as a rigorous undergraduate, liberal arts college with a deep Christian commitment where students live in a close residential community and develop a broad global perspective.

The genius of Westmont lies in connecting these five essential characteristics in a unique educational experience that transforms young men and women into leaders inspired to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Students grow deeper in all areas of their lives -- intellectual, spiritual and personal -- while they develop their talents, discover their calling and prepare for a lifetime of service meeting the great, pressing needs of our time.

Gayle Beebe