Westmont's Vision

Your gifts to Westmont enable us to provide a distinctive education that integrates five essential elements. Few colleges offer such a holistic approach to learning and even fewer do it as well as Westmont.

Liberal ArtsA liberal arts college with a rigorous curriculum, Westmont instills competencies such as critical thinking and effective communication skills. Our teacher-scholars not only conduct academic research, but they spend a significant percentage of their time in the classroom sharing their expertise directly with students.

Christian As a Christian institution, we hold to the timeless tenets of the faith and encourage members of our community to integrate their beliefs with their learning and their lives. We think the liberal arts are best practiced when rooted in Christ, a combination that educates the whole person. Our culture of involvement empha-sizes serving others and exposes students to the needs that exist locally and worldwide. We communicate these values through our chapel services, where we gather three times a week, seeking to live out our faith in a way that glorifies God, promotes reverence and encourages spiritual growth.

Undergraduate Our undergraduate program allows us to offer a more focused, engaging and effective education as we concentrate on a time of life when students make significant decisions about their future. Our faculty serve as mentors as well as teachers as they advise and guide students. Students seek out professors and classmates for ongoing conversations and exploration about their courses — and about life. Our undergraduates enjoy unusual opportunities for conducting research and working closely with professors, and these significant academic activities represent an important aspect of education at Westmont.

Residential A strong, caring residential community, Westmont features Christian faculty, staff and students who create a climate that nurtures personal growth, open communication and treasured, life-long friendships. We believe that living in a cohesive community allows us to experience more deeply our liberal arts curriculum and our Christian commitment as we integrate our beliefs and intellectual endeavors with our daily activities.

Global We are committed to a global program that prepares students to live in a diverse and changing world. The breadth of the Westmont curriculum and the call of the Gospel to transform the world prompts graduates to make meaningful contributions wherever they go. Professors seek to teach students to think globally and communicate cross-culturally.

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Message from the President

President Gayle BeebeYour investment in Westmont helps us accomplish our distinctive mission as a rigorous undergraduate, liberal arts college with a deep Christian commitment where students live in a close residential community and develop a broad global perspective.

The genius of Westmont lies in connecting these five essential characteristics in a unique educational experience that transforms young men and women into leaders inspired to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Students grow deeper in all areas of their lives -- intellectual, spiritual and personal -- while they develop their talents, discover their calling and prepare for a lifetime of service meeting the great, pressing needs of our time.

Gayle Beebe