carterThe Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts

Welcome to the Gaede Institute's website. Here you'll find information on our programs for strengthening liberal arts education and for providing liberal arts learning opportunities to the many communities Westmont intersects with beyond the academy. With the growing complexity of real world problems there is an ever greater need for people who bring a range of perspectives to social issues, and who recognize that their education is connected to the whole of their lives: their community involvement, their political engagement, their spiritual development, as well as their profession. We hope you'll find the resources of the Gaede Institute helpful as together we seek to learn and teach for a complex world.


- Chris Hoeckley, Director


Mission and Goals

The Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts was established to promote the continued vitality of the liberal arts tradition in American higher education.

We seek to:

  • Sharpen the vision of a dynamic, contemporary liberal arts education rooted in a rich, diverse tradition;
  • Deepen understanding of the underlying commitments and values shaping liberal arts education;
  • Stimulate dialogue between all streams in the liberal arts tradition;
  • Strengthen the commitment of administrators, faculty, staff and students to the liberal arts vision;
  • Equip faculty to implement the liberal arts vision at their institutions;
  • Spread the message of the value of the liberal arts to students, parents, and the broader public; and
  • Bring faith into the conversation on liberal arts education.