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Professor Wayne Iba, PhD


About Wayne:iba

Wayne Iba joined Westmont's Mathematics and Computer Science department in 2003. Previously, he worked at NASA, the FBI, a non-profit research institute, and in the commercial sector. The common theme of his research has been to develop computer programs that learn how to provide personalized assistance by unobtrusively observing a user's behavior.  His studies in Information and Computer Sciences at UC Santa Cruz (B.A.) and UC Irvine (M.S. and Ph.D.) focused on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Experimental Psychology.  Dr. Iba's current research focuses on the nature of service, but other interests include property models in digital environments and the interactions between Artificial Intelligence and the Philosophy of Mind.


Presentation Topics:

• Artificial Intelligence

• Service/assistance

• Social impacts of technology

• Computer ethics

• Appropriate technology


Available Days and Times:

• Weekday evenings

• Sundays