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Professor Greg Spencer, PhD



About Greg:

Greg Spencer has been a Professor of Communication Studies for twenty years at Westmont. He has been married for over 30 years and has three daughters.  His books include: A Heart for Truth, The Welkening (novel), and Guardian of the Veil (novel).  Greg's current project is: Living the Quieter Virtues in a Noisy World (a plea to resist the noisiness of our consumer-driven, media-saturated culture and engage in virtues such as reverence and contentment).  He enjoys tennis and gardening.


Presentation Topics:

• Living the Quieter Virtues in a Noisy World.  A Look at the Seven Virtues of Reverence, Innocence, Discernment, Authenticity, Modesty, Contentment, and Generosity.
• The Novelist's Open Hands: How Creativity needs Grace


Available Days and Times:

• Sunday mornings

• Weekday evenings