Globalizing the Liberal Arts

The Sixth Annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts

February 17-18, 2006




Conversation Papers: (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

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Transnational Cooperation and Mobile Civitas: An Imperative for Globalizing the Liberal Arts
Eve Walsh Stoddard, St. Lawrence University


It's a Small World, After All: One Case for Cosmopolitanism
Susan VanZanten Gallagher, Seattle Pacific University


An Innovative Approach to Global Intercultural Learning
Lester P. Monts, University of Michigan


Globalizaing Liberal Arts Education through Residential Learning Communities
W. Atom Yee, Santa Clara University


The History of Arts as a New Humanistic Discipline
David Summers, University of Virginia


"Globalizing" the Liberal Arts: Issues and Challenges for Teaching
Helen Rhee, Westmont College


The Intersection of Global Learning and Liberal Education
Kevin Hovland, AAC&U