The Fine Art of the Liberal Arts

The Tenth Annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts

February 25 - 26, 2011






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Lewis Hyde

Janet Echelman

Harold Best

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The Conversation on the Liberal Arts is not your typical academic conference. First, we take the name, Conversation, very seriously. We have great speakers, and we have much to learn from them. But all of us are engaged in this work everyday, so we also have much to learn from each other.


To stimulate this mutual teaching and learning we keep the conference small–typically just 50 to 70 participants. We also don't have concurrent sessions where participants are giving papers. We're eager to learn from each other. But in conversation, and where we can all benefit from each other's insights.


We also profit from a wide range of perspectives. This is a conference where administrators and faculty members can talk to each other about how the issues look from their different positions, and where those from large universities and small liberal arts colleges, from public institutions and private, from faith-based institutions and those with no religious affiliation can explore shared challenges from our differing contexts.


In short, the Conversation on the Liberal Arts is a hospitable place for dialog across what are too often boundaries in higher education–dialog about the shared challenges, and especially the shared promise, of liberal arts education. We hope you'll join us!