War and Peace as Liberal Arts

The twelfth annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts

February 21 - 23, 2013



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Concurrent Session Papers


Concurrent Session 1: Friday, Feb 22 2:15

Panel 1:
Ashley Padgett
The Christian Influence on the Adjusted Perceptions of Chemical Weapons


Stephen Contakes and Taylor Jashinsky
Chemistry, Social Responsibility and Modern Warfare


Panel 2:
Matthew Beard
Virtuous Soldiers: A Role for the Liberal Arts? (Abstract)


Shannon French
Reducing Atrocities in Modern Combat Through Military Discipline and the Warrior’s Code of Honor


Panel 3:
David Hoekema
Following War in Uganda: Lessons from Kony 2012


Paula Cronovich
The "NO" Campaign in Chile: Paving a Peaceful Transition to Democracy


Panel 4:
Joe Cole
Human Sacrifice in Walzer's Just War Theory (Abstract)


Cheryl Abbate
Assuming the Risk: A Critical Analysis of a Soldier's Duty to Prevent Collateral Damage (Abstract)



Panel 5:
Gary Tandy
Contemplation, Preparation, and Action: Peace Pilgrim's Prophetic Witness for our Time (Abstract)


Alden Stout
Pedagogy and Principled Thinking about War

Concurrent Session 2: Friday, Feb 22 3:30

Panel 1:
Jeffry Davis
Albert Camus’ Response to a War-Torn World: the Embodiment of his Ethic in the Liberating Art of Drama


Marilyn McEntyre
Speaking Peace: Finding Words that Breach Walls


Panel 2:
Hadassa Noorda
Travel Bans and Other Targeted Non-Physical Preventions of Terrorist Acts at the Interface of War and Peace (Abstract)


Daniel Brunstetter and Megan Braun
State of the Union: A Decade of Armed Drones (Abstract)


Panel 3:
Nathanael Smith
Bringing the Women Home: Rape, Civil Society, and Spirituality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Abstract)


Cian O'Driscoll

Stoned Immaculate: Western Conceptions of Victory in War (Abstract)


Amit Ron
Peace Negotiations and Peace Talks: the Peace Process in the Public Sphere


Panel 4:
Clay Cooke
Investing in Justice: How a Liberal Arts Education Indirectly Promotes Peace (Abstract)


Stephen Paul Kennedy
What Has Become of Humanity?



Panel 5:
David Western
A Humanistic Approach to Peace: the Liberal Art and Peacemaking; a Critique and a Proposition (Abstract)


Kevin Walker
Education in the "Strenuous Life" (Abstract)


Panel 6:
Brian Jones
YHWH is a Warrior


Brant Himes
The Common Good and Just Peacemaking: Abraham Kuyper's and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Discipleship for a Better Worldliness (Abstract)


Concurrent Session 3: Saturday, Feb 23 10:00

Panel 1:
Robert Williams

Arts and Letters, War and Peace: What Poets and Painters Can Teach Us about International Politics (Abstract)


Ron Hirschbein
International Crises: a Hermeneutic Approach (Abstract)


Panel 2:
Nolen Gertz
A New Approach to Military Professionalism: On the Need for 'Soldier-Artists'


Michaeleen Kelly
Just War Theory as Ideological and Combatant Role Confusion


Panel 3:
Bryanna Beauchamp , Julianna Carlson, Emily Keach, Kathryn Hopper, Zoe Newcomb
Jus Ad Bellum as a Deciding Factor in the 1983 U.S. Invasion of Grenada


Chris Costenbader, Curtis Donahoe, David Dry, Joshua Miller, Steve Harvey
Just War, National Interests, and the Iraq War


Panel 4:
Judith Rood
A Shattered Order: The Apocalyptic Sublime and the Liberal Arts; an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict


Khalil Dokhanchi and Karl Bahm
Teaching War and Peace in Bosnia (Abstract)



Panel 5:
Ed Higgins
George Fox and Narratives of Peace and Activism in the Quaker Tapestry (Images) (Abstract)


Kathy Heininge
Virginia Woolf, Quaker Pacifist?