MOOCing the Liberal Arts? Technology and Relationship in Liberal Arts Education

The Thirteenth Annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts

February 13 - 15, 2014


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George Siemens
Alexandra Juhasz & Elizabeth Losh

Peter Hadreas

Alexander Astin

Owen Youngman
Barry Bandstra

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Select Papers Delivered at the 2014 Conversation on the Liberal Arts

Plenary Addresses:


Elizabeth Losh and Alexandra Juhasz, "MOOCs, the Morning After" (abstract)


Peter Hadreas, "The Open Letter to Micahel Sandel and Thoughts About Online Teaching"


Sandy Astin, "Why Not Consult the Evidence?"



Concurrent Presentations:


Jane Wilson and Telford Work, "Flipped R&R: Using Technology to Add Rigor and Relevance in a Religious Studies Course" (abstract)


Marilyn McEntyre, "By All Means: Educational Diversity and Discernment of Gifts" (abstract)


Mark McIntire, "Plato's Massive Open Online Cave?"