Tuesdays with Morals

Liberal arts education puts people in face-to-face learning communities, tackles issues that require different perspectives, and touches our lives in all aspects. The Gaede Institute’s weekly discussion series, Tuesdays with Morals, provides just such an opportunity, inviting faculty, staff, and students to wrestle with morally complex issues that require our best thinking from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and that call for our engagement with the needs of society. This past year topics included caring for the elderly, global warming, human trafficking, and many more. This year, as the presidential election campaign comes into full swing, we will consider topics that equip us to be informed and thoughtful voters in a politically polarized climate.


Discussions are held in Monroe Dining Room at Noon every Tuesday



Topic, Facilitator, & Department

September Discussion Schedule


Poverty - Helen Rhee (Religious Studies), Jon Lemmond (History) & Bruce Fisk (Religious Studies)

Today's discussion in collaboration with the Rembrandt Gallery exhibit, will consider the implications, historical and global framework, and our call as Christians to the issue of poverty.

** We will meet in Founders Dining Room **


Slavery in 2009 - Urban Semester Staff & Not for Sale Staff

Focus on Global Human Trafficking in 2009, featuring staff members of SF Urban and NFS


Westmont's Global Distinctive and the role of Missions - Helen Rhee (Religious Studies), Chandra Mallampalli (History) & Barb Pointer (Off-Campus Programs)

Discussion will consider the role of Global Missions in Westmont's Mission Statement and its Relationship to Off-Campus Programs.


What's Race Got to Do With It? An (Un)Civil Discourse and the Presidency - Thomas Knecht (Political Science), Omedi Ochieng (Communication Studies) & Elena Yee (Intercultural Programs)

Discussion will be focused on the current tone of discourse being used for and against President Obama, his administration and policies, and race may be impacting the response of people to the president and his policies.

If you have any topics that you would like to see discussed at Tuesdays with Morals, please email the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts.