Leaders Matter

The fortunes of every organization, whether great or small, rise and fall based on the effectiveness of its leadership. Leaders fundamentally shape the destiny of their organizations.

At Westmont, we want our students to develop effective and transformational leadership with a global perspective. Building on existing programs, we intend to launch the Westmont Institute for Global Learning and Leadership. This institute will serve emerging and existing leaders and help them develop leadership skills by pursuing intense intellectual work, meeting with mentors, and engaging in internships. Participants will blend thoughtful study and practice to prepare for strategic leadership positions worldwide.

Westmont also seeks to influence current leaders by establishing the Montecito Institute. This professional, nationally recognized leadership program will increase the effectiveness of mid-level and senior executives and executive teams while encouraging them to embrace biblically-based, values-driven leadership. This extensive, unique program in executive education will attract great minds from every sphere of society seeking to enhance their global leadership and impact.

Westmont Institute of Global Learning and Leadership

For more information about the Westmont Institute for Global Learning and Leadership,
please call 805-565-7171.