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Complying with our Conditional Use Permit

Westmont College deeply appreciates the privilege of operating as a private liberal arts college in the Montecito community. We realize that our presence can impact our neighbors in various ways. Westmont is committed to full compliance with the conditions under which we are permitted to use this location as an educational facility.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Number 90-CP-096 RV01 is based upon 116 separate conditions contained in a document called the Conditions of Approval. These are often informally referred to as the CUP, even though technically they are the "conditions" and not the "permit" itself.

Here are four conditions about which some neighbors may have particular interest.

  • Traffic: Per Condition 9 we will keep you updated on the traffic generated by college operations. You'll find additional information about that condition under the headings in the navigation bar at left.
  • Parking: Per Condition 7 we provide a hotline number to report violations of the requirement that "while [students] are physically present on Westmont College campus, they will not park a motor vehicle in the vicinity of the Westmont campus except on the campus or at their off-campus residence." [Click here for a list of the streets governed by the CUP.] If you observe a Westmont student parking near the college and they neither live, work, nor are visiting there, you may report your concern 24/7 at the Westmont Parking Hot Line: 877-929-5378. We will investigate each complaint.
  • Noise: Per Condition 14 we will record, and report to the County, all complaints regarding noise on the campus. The Hot Line phone number noted above should be used for all such reports. We will follow up on each report received.
  • Enrollment: Using terms such as "ultimate", "ever" and "absolute", Condition 4 underscores Westmont's permanent limit of a cumulative average enrollment of 1,200 students at the Montecito campus. The buildings being constructed according to Westmont's Master Plan will simply--and at last--provide the classroom and other space suitable for our 1,200 enrollment.