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Full Text of Condition 4 (Enrollment)

... with the permanent enrollment ceiling hilited.


4. Permitted Enrollment. Westmont College is permitted an average enrollment of 1,200 students
studying on the Montecito campus whether they reside on campus or off campus. This is the
number of both resident and non-resident students who can attend Westmont with safety to
themselves, without detriment to the public peace, health, safety, and general welfare, and
without material adverse effect on property values in the neighborhood. Westmont College, by
executing this permit, hereby indicates its acceptance and recognition that 1,200 students is the
ultimate average enrollment that shall ever be permitted
for the Montecito campus.

The maximum number of students permitted to live off-campus shall not exceed 280, of which
no more than 215 students shall reside in off-campus housing other than Ocean View
Apartments. Ocean View Apartments shall be counted as off-campus housing.

A cumulative average enrollment shall be calculated as of the midpoint of each regular semester
beginning with the Fall Semester of 1989. If the cumulative average enrollment on the
Montecito campus ever exceeds an ultimate 1,200 students, it shall be reduced to 1,200 or less
within no more than the next four regular semesters. The enrollment of Westmont College on
the Montecito campus shall not exceed an absolute maximum of 1,235 students in a semester. A
student is anyone enrolled on campus at Westmont College in a class for academic credit, and an
employee is anyone paid a salary by Westmont for services performed on campus, other than a