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Full Text of Conditions 13 & 14 (Noise)

13. Restrictions on Noise for Summer Activities. In order to control non-amplified sound during the summer months, the following shall apply to summer activities. (Summer activities are those which occur beginning with the day following Commencement and ending on that day which immediately precedes the first day of orientation for the Fall Semester):

a. No megaphones, airhorns or “bullhorns” shall be used outside.

b. After 5:00 p.m., the following noise restrictions shall be observed:

(1) No organized group activities will be allowed outside which use synchronized verbal commands or responses (spontaneous cheering is allowed)

(2) No amplified sound systems will be operated outside buildings or enclosed areas (except for weddings and wedding receptions).

c. Between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., no outdoor organized group activities shall be permitted, except for jogging and walking.

d. After 10:00 p.m., all windows and doors shall be closed in buildings when music is being amplified for organized group events.

14. Noise Control Plan. On or before August 1 of each year, Westmont College shall submit to the County Planning and Development Department, Permit Compliance Section, a Noise Control Plan. The Noise Control Plan shall include at least the following:

A. A report of the dates, times, locations and attendance of any scheduled outdoor event and any major indoor event at which significant outside sound generated from inside amplification equipment is suspected (excluding those events customarily incidental to the daily academic program) which include the use of amplification equipment during the previous twelve months. This report shall include a description of speaker locations, amplification equipment control settings, noise monitoring data, if required, weather characteristics, and names and addresses of any complainants. The report shall discuss any written noise control recommendations made by Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services and Westmont’s analysis of any implemented recommendations.

B. A reasonable projection of the dates and times of amplified outdoor events and any major indoor events at which significant outside sound generated from inside amplification equipment is expected (excluding those events customarily incidental to the daily academic program) for the next twelve months with dates and times of these events, if known, expected attendance, spectator viewing areas, and proposed amplification system and noise monitoring plan details, if any.

C. The Noise Control Plan can be amended during the year by Westmont College upon the submittal of such desired change within 15 days notice to Planning and Development, which shall accept or reject such amendment to the accepted Noise Control Plan.

D. The Noise Control Plan shall be reviewed and accepted or rejected by Planning and Development within thirty days (30) of submission. Planning and Development shall recommend the implementation of any noise control measure it finds is necessary to accomplish reasonable noise control improvement. Westmont College shall provide a written response as to its acceptance or rejection of any Planning and Development recommendation.

E. The use of air horns or other similar devices shall be prohibited, except that similar device may be used for soccer games pursuant to NCAA requirements.

F. The use of amplification equipment shall be limited to intercollegiate athletic events and events specified in the accepted Noise Control Plan.

G. Amplification equipment shall be no louder than is necessary to convey information to the spectators, and in the case of track meets, to the participants, and shall not be used for music (except at musical events) or “play by play” type commentary.

H. Planning and Development personnel shall have access at all reasonable times to the property incorporated in this conditional use permit for purposes of performing sound level measurements, evaluating the adequacy of noise control measures or determining compliance with this Conditional Use Permit.

I. Upon finding by Planning and Development that repeated and/or significant variances from the accepted Noise Control Plan have occurred or are occurring, said agency shall present such information before the Planning Commission for its review and action.

J. Westmont College shall appoint an individual(s) as a Noise Control Coordinator who shall be responsible for the campus noise control program, recording of citizen noise complaints, and for coordination with this agency.