Cold Spring Rd Traffic


Daily & Average Trips for Academic Year 17-18

The daily counts and the cumulative Average Daily Trips on Cold Spring Rd attributable to Westmont for the current Traffic Count Year are set forth below.

Abbreviations used:

  • ADT = Average Daily Trips (total of daily trips divided by number of days measured)
  • SW = Semester Weekdays (days school in session during main academic year)
  • AOD = All Other Days (days school not in session year round)
  • TCY = Traffic Count Year (starts on Baccalaureate Day; ends last day of spring finals)
    • The first Semester Weekday of this TCY is Monday 8/28/17
    • The last day of this TCY is Thursday 5/3/18

Note that during the current TCY the college is in Phase 2 of its Master Plan contruction period, and consequently per Condition 9.D the SW / AOD ADTs are 3,800 / 2,650 intead of the normal 3,500 / 2,500.