Cold Spring Rd Traffic


Cumulative Average Daily Trips for Academic Year 09-10

The cumulative Average Daily Trips on Cold Spring Rd attributable to Westmont for Semester Weekdays and for All Other Days during the AY10 Traffic Count Year will be set forth below.

The first "Semester Weekday" of this Traffic Count Year was Monday 8/31/9. The last day of this Traffic Count Year was Thursday 5/6/10.

Period Type
AY10 Daily Averages*
Current Limit
Semester Weekdays
All Other Days

The cumulative averages have been increased by 30 trips per day to reflect that after the Tea Fire there are only five homes generating regular traffic, rather than the eight which existed previously. Once construction is underway for rebuilding on those properties, the count value will be adjusted accordingly. (The monthly counts before August do not reflect this adjustment.)

* - The year-to-date values appear here, and are updated each time another set of data is posted.