Cold Spring Rd Traffic


Cumulative Average Daily Trips for Academic Year 14-15

The cumulative Average Daily Trips on Cold Spring Rd attributable to Westmont for Semester Weekdays and for All Other Days during the AY15 Traffic Count Year will be set forth below.

The first "Semester Weekday" of this Traffic Count Year will be Monday 9/01/14. The last day of this Traffic Count Year will be Thursday 5/07/15.

Period Type
AY15 Daily Averages*
Current Limit
Semester Weekdays
All Other Days

NOTE: Underground utilitiy work interfered with radar counters several days in August and Setember. We are not aware of any practical way to recover accurate counts for this period. To offset this impact ADT counts for the remainder of the traffic count year will start as of Oct 1st.

* - The year-to-date values appear here, and are updated each time another set of data is posted.