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Full Text of Condition 7 (Parking)

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7. Student and Employee Parking Restrictions. No student or employee shall park a licensed motor vehicle on campus without registering such motor vehicle with the college and obtaining a campus parking permit. No parking permit shall be issued to freshman students who live on campus, with the exception of disabled students. All students shall be required to agree, as a condition of their enrollment, that, while they are physically present on Westmont College campus, they will not park a motor vehicle in the vicinity of the Westmont campus except on the campus or at their off-campus residence. The vicinity of the campus is defined as Cold Spring Road, La Paz Road, Chelham Way, Stoddard Lane, Paso Robles Lane, Westmont Road, Circle Drive, Dawlish Place, Cloydon Circle, Sycamore Canyon between Cold Spring and Westmont Roads, and Mountain Drive above the campus. The definition of “the vicinity of the campus” may be expanded by the Montecito Planning Commission after at least one public hearing if the Montecito Planning Commission finds that there is an observed pattern of Westmont students, while they are physically present on the Westmont campus, parking their vehicles on other public roads or in other public areas which are not at their off-campus residence. Prior to each Fall Semester, Westmont shall send a letter to each residence located in the vicinity of the Westmont campus to remind residents of these student and employee parking restrictions and advise residents of a 24/7 Westmont Parking Hot Line telephone number to call to report suspected parking restriction violators.

Monitoring: During the Fall and Spring Semesters, Westmont Parking Enforcement staff shall conduct tours of the campus and the vicinity at random to check for parking violations as follows:

1. Twice each weekday between 8 AM and 3 PM. These are considered peak hours, during which the majority of classes are scheduled.

2. Spot checks shall be performed between 3 PM and 1AM to break the enforcement pattern.

3. Three times each week between 1 AM and 7 AM.

Westmont parking enforcement staff shall tour every street in the vicinity of the Westmont campus at least once each semester week to check for parking violations and issue citations. Westmont shall submit a report to the County of Santa Barbara Permit Compliance staff twice each semester with the following information:

1. Summary of student parking permit violations;

2. List of the calls to the Westmont Parking Hot Line with the status and result of the investigation of each complaint;

3. Report of the number of students who received parking permit violation citations as a result of the routine tours of the vicinity of campus by Westmont parking enforcement staff; and

4. Steps identified to address any problems that arise.

Planning and Development staff shall review the reports and confirm compliance with this condition. As necessary, a MPC hearing shall be held to address any compliance issues arising under this condition.