Joshua Moritz


Joshua teaches “Global History of Christianity” and “Technology, Christian Faith, and the Meaning of Life” at Westmont, San Francisco. For nearly a decade Joshua has taught undergraduate philosophy and ethics at the University of San Francisco. He has also taught graduate level theology at the Jesuit Graduate School of Theology at Santa Clara University, courses in theology, technology, and science at the Graduate Theological Union, and also at the School of Applied Theology in Berkeley. Joshua currently serves as the Managing Editor of the academic journal Theology and Science and as the Director of Christian Formation at Berkeley Covenant Church. He has authored and edited numerous books, including Science and Religion: Beyond Warfare and Toward Understanding (Anselm Academic, 2016), The Role of Theology in the History and Philosophy of Science (Brill, 2017) and God's Providence and Randomness in Nature: Scientific and Theological Perspectives (Templeton, 2019).